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Wenzhou seized in Taiwan
Date:2020-04-03 19:30:09   Visits:88

Recently the Taiwan drainage oil has been discovered since, this event is continued warming, the effects of a spreading trend. Following Shanghai, Xiamen and other places to find out Taiwan "drainage oil" food, in September 10th, Wenzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau Aojiang office seized a number of enterprises involved in production of food, the batch of products not yet into the market, has been closed down in accordance with the seizure, will implement the return or destruction of treatment, this is the first discovery of the province on the involved ports Taiwan "drainage oil" food.
   The reporter learned from the Wenzhou inspection and quarantine bureau understands, seized the total from the two companies involved the production of three food items, a total of 17 boxes, a total weight of 60.24 kg. They are: King David Limited by Share Ltd production of flavor, stewed sirloin face ace Prince food package, and Sheng Xiangzhen food Limited by Share Ltd production of Sheng Xiangzhen sweet melon seeds.
   In September 4th, Kaohsiung strong crown food company is to expose the acquisition of a large number of waste oil refined edible oil, used for processing for the production of "all fragrant lard" and "he will pig oil", a total of 782 tons of oil has been flowing problem the downstream manufacturers, at present, 235 manufacturers have been affected by this incident, including video, 85 degree C, king and other well-known Taiwan businessman.
   Reportedly, the more than 200 downstream enterprises may use the raw lard were involved in food processing, part of our products exports to the mainland. According to the latest news shows, a overflow Wang Trading commissioned the production of "garlic toast" used the problem of oil, at present, some products have been entering into market, where a dealer from mainland China; Shanghai Municipal Food and drug administration have been found and food under the frame problem about 8700 pieces (bag).
   "After the importer, the freight forwarding company and import data comprehensive investigation and check, yesterday, we seized the three involved in the production of food in a number of small volume trade with Taiwan, the implementation of inspection." Wenzhou inspection and Quarantine Bureau Aojiang Office of the relevant person in charge told reporters.
However, the citizens of Hangzhou can rest assured that, at present Hangzhou Council area has not yet found a product. Hangzhou Wei Chuan, 85 degrees C also issued a statement saying the local products did not use the "drainage oil".
   Then, Hangzhou "chowhound" Is it right? Can be assured to buy Taiwan food?
   "Food processing in the process of oil, oil as additive can not be displayed in the list of ingredients in food packaging, simple according to food ingredients table is the issue of food is not to judge." Zhejiang food supervision department inspection and Quarantine Bureau reminded consumers money Chi School says, "this event is clear before, recommends that consumers do not buy Taiwan temporarily imported food."
Since then, in every area of Zhejiang inspection and Quarantine Bureau will also closely follow the new contaminated food information, timely organize the investigation; while strengthening the inspection and supervision on the table entry of food, to prevent the problem of food into the market, maintain the health and safety of consumers.

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