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Detected in July 428 batch unqualified import food and cosmetics
Date:2020-04-03 19:30:30   Visits:98

   Chinese quality news network news recently from the state quality inspection administration was informed that, in 2014 July, the national entry exit inspection and quarantine departments detection quality safety project unqualified 424 batch of imported food, cosmetics 4 batch.
   Unqualified food involves 19 kinds of products, the main products are not qualified cakes and biscuits, beverages and condiments, from 35 countries and regions, the quality of unqualified, food additives and microbial pollution exceed the standard project as the main reason of unqualified.
   Unqualified cosmetic skin cosmetics and special function relates to cosmetic 2 categories of products, from 3 countries or regions, the unqualified reason for microbial contamination, the goods does not conform to the certificate, pollutants exceed the standard and quality of unqualified.
   The above the unqualified import food and cosmetics, entry-exit inspection and quarantine departments have taken returned, destroyed or used for other purposes and other measures, not to enter the domestic market.

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