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A comprehensive investigation of Taiwan imported food
Date:2020-04-03 19:30:45   Visits:59

   Recently, the Taiwan area seized with the "drainage oil" blended edible oil case, oil is Taiwan strongtop company acquired a large number of production "all fragrant lard" and as a raw material of edible oil sales to food production enterprises, the current affects the business has nearly 1000, including Wei Chuan, 85 degrees C, Sheng Xiangzhen, king, and Taiwan Sugar and other well-known brand.
   Therefore, since September 5th, the General Administration of quality inspection issued 3 consecutive emergency warning bulletin requirement investigation problems of product and take corresponding measures to prohibit the entry and recall, on September 6th to 8, the Zhejiang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the emergency administration, investigation has identified 77 strong crown downstream enterprises products, and daily the administration update problem product list for tracking investigation, so far, the Zhejiang Council area without the problem products import record.
   Zhejiang entry exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau will continue tracking investigation of Taiwan "whole product series fragrant lard" problem of the import situation, to take timely and effective measures to ensure the safety of imported food.

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