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Agar agar English name, scientific name, (agar), Yuuna Yona (agar-agar), frozen powder, agar, agar agar, agar, agar agar, fine silk, is a kind of plant gum, generally extracted from seaweed, Gracilaria, Eucheuma seaweed or by (belonging to Rhodophyta) by heating to melt, seaweed essence to cooling solidification of. Agar is rich in dietary fiber (was 80.9%), low in calories, with detoxification, purging fire, Run Chang, blood pressure lowering, hypoglycemic and anti-cancer effect, by the United Nations FAO identified as the twenty-first Century health food.

Why is it called agar, important is to use Hainan Eucheuma (Shi Huacai) made out of. Hainan is referred to as joan.

Traits: body dry. White color bright, clean and high transparency, flexibility, tenacity, strong fastness.

Characteristics: the most useful properties of agar is between pour point and melting point of its temperature difference is very big. It began to melt in the water needs to be heated to 95 DEG C, solution temperature after melting required is reduced to 40 DEG C when it solidifies, so it is the best coagulant preparation of solid culture medium. Solid agar made medium, can be used to perform high temperature culture without melting, vaccination before solidifying, nor will the culture scalded to death. Therefore, the preparation of various biological culture agar is a most widely used medium coagulator. The concentration of agar, usually liquid culture medium from 1 to 1.5%.

Effect: Agar is a polysaccharide extracted from seaweed, seaweed gel is one of the worlds most widely used. It is widely used in many aspects of food industry, pharmaceutical industry, daily chemical, biological engineering, agar can be used in food in significant changes in food quality, improve food grade. The price is high. Its characteristics: a solidified, stability, can form the physical and chemical properties of complexes with some substance can be used as a thickening agent, coagulant, suspending agent, emulsifier, antistaling agent and stabilizer. Widely used in the manufacture of capsules orange and all kinds of drinks, jelly, ice cream, cakes, candy, canned food, meat products, eight treasure porridge Tremella birds nest soup, food, cold food and so on. The agar in the chemical industry, medical research, can be used as culture medium, ointment base and other uses.

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